Apr 18th, 2008
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Anschutz Rifles
1712 Barrelled Action 22LR Out of stock$1,490.00
1712 Silhouette 22LRIn stock$2,095.00
1710 D KLOut of stock$1,965.00
Bullseye MindIn stock$17.95
With Winning in MindIn stock$18.00
Fat Bag Shooting Rests
Fat Bag with Cleavage, FilledIn stock$50.00
Fat Bag with Cleavage, UnfilledIn stock$45.00
Fat Bag, FilledIn stock$45.00
Fat Bag, UnfilledIn stock$40.00
Saddle Bag, FilledIn stock$40.00
Saddle Bag, UnfilledIn stock$35.00
Junior Fat Bag, FilledIn stock$25.00
Junior Fat Bag, UnfilledIn stock$20.00
Fat Bag Roll, FilledIn stock$14.00
Fat Bag Roll, UnfilledIn stock$12.00
Kowa Optics
60mm and Eyepieces
Kowa 60mm -In stock$500.00
Kowa 30x Wide Angle Eye PieceIn stock$300.00
Kowa 25x Long Eye Relief Angle Eye PieceIn stock$225.00
Kowa 20-60x Zoom Eye PieceIn stock$350.00
82mm and Eyepieces
Kowa 82mm - AngledIn stock$800.00
Kowa 20-60x Zoom Eye PieceIn stock$350.00
Kowa 30x Wide Angle Eye PieceIn stock$300.00
Kowa 25x Long Eye Relief Angle Eye PieceIn stock$225.00
Kowa 82mm - CaseIn stock$70.00
Lapua Brass
Lapua Brass 223 Rem - 100In stock$51.00
Lapua Brass 260 Rem - 100In stock$90.00
Lapua Brass 308 Win - 100In stock$67.00
Lapua Brass 6 Creedmoor - 100 In stock$106.00
Lapua Brass 6.5 Creedmoor - 100In stock$103.00
Lapua Brass 6.5x47 Lapua - 100In stock$100.00
Lapua Brass 6BRIn stock$86.00
Lapua Brass 7mm-08 Rem - 100In stock$90.00
Lapua Bullets
Lapua 6.5(.264)108gr HPBT Bullet Scenar 100/bxOut of stock$41.00
Lapua 6.5(.264)123gr HPBT Bullet Scenar 100/bxOut of stock$41.00
Lapua 6.5(.264)139gr HPBT Bullet Scenar 100/bxIn stock$41.00
Lapua 7mm(.284) 150gr HPBT Bullet Scenar-L 100/bxIn stock$48.00
Lapua 30(.308) 100gr HP Bullet 1000/bxIn stock$260.00
Rimfire Ammunition
Eley Ammunition
Eley Edge, Club, Target, 100, Action
Eley Edge - Box In stock$10.00
Eley Edge - CaseIn stock$970.00
Eley Club - BoxIn stock$6.25
Eley Club - CaseIn stock$610.00
Eley Target - BoxIn stock$5.25
Eley Target - CaseIn stock$515.00
Eley Practice 100 - BoxIn stock$6.70
Eley Practice 100 - CaseIn stock$600.00
Eley Action - PackIn stock$32.00
Eley Match Family
Eley Match - CaseIn stock$1,280.00
Eley Match Box of 50, 1017-05090 @ 1056In stock$13.15
Eley Match Box of 50, 1018-05118 @ 1058In stock$13.15
Eley Match Pistol - BoxIn stock$13.15
Eley Match Pistol - CaseIn stock$1,280.00
Eley OSP - BoxIn stock$13.15
Eley OSP - CaseIn stock$1,280.00
Eley SubSonic and Hunting
Eley Subsonic Hollow Point - BoxIn stock$7.40
Eley Subsonic Hollow Point - CaseIn stock$715.00
Eley Contact Subsonic - Box In stock$7.40
Eley Contact Subsonic - CaseIn stock$715.00
Eley Force HV - Box In stock$7.40
Eley Force HV - CaseIn stock$715.00
Eley HV HP - BoxIn stock$7.40
Eley HV HP - CaseIn stock$715.00
Eley Tenex Family
Eley Tenex - CaseIn stock$1,655.00
Eley Tenex Box of 50, 1018-04052 @ 1057In stock$16.80
Eley Tenex Box of 50, 1017-08088 @ 1070In stock$16.80
Eley Tenex Pistol - BoxIn stock$16.80
Eley Tenex Pistol - CaseIn stock$1,655.00
Eley Tenex Biathlon - BoxIn stock$16.80
Eley Tenex Biathlon - CaseIn stock$1,655.00
Lapua Ammunition
Lapua Center-X - 28553 500271In stock$10.30
Lapua Center-X - 28553 500271 (Case)In stock$1,000.00
Lapua Center-X - 28553 601122In stock$10.30
Lapua Center-X - 29552 510661In stock$10.30
Lapua Center-X - 29553 500866Out of stock$10.30
Lapua Center-X - 29553 701582In stock$10.30
Lapua Center-X - 30552 510394In stock$10.30
Lapua Center-X - Test Lot Package (10)Out of stock$103.00
Lapua Center-X - Test Lot Package (5)Out of stock$52.00
Lapua Midas Plus - 26553 607575In stock$14.70
Lapua Midas Plus - 29553 704113In stock$14.70
Lapua Midas Plus - 30553 704882In stock$14.70
Lapua Midas Plus - 30553 701604In stock$14.70
Pistol and Biathlon
Lapua Pistol OSP - BoxIn stock$9.60
Lapua Pistol OSP - Case In stock$910.00
Lapua Pistol King - BoxIn stock$9.60
Lapua Pistol King - CaseIn stock$910.00
Lapua Polar Biathlon - BoxIn stock$13.00
Lapua X-ACT - 26552 611835In stock$23.00
RWS Ammunition
RWS Target Rifle - BoxIn stock$6.65
RWS Target Rifle - CaseIn stock$650.00
RWS Rifle Match - BoxIn stock$9.05
RWS Rifle Match - CaseIn stock$880.00
RWS R50In stock$15.40
RWS R50 - CaseIn stock$1,500.00
SK Ammunition
SK Ammo - Flat
SK Flatnose Basic - BoxIn stock$6.00
SK Flatnose Basic - CaseIn stock$560.00
SK Flatnose Match - Box #15253 22664In stock$7.30
SK Flatnose Match - Box #15253 22673In stock$7.30
SK Flatnose Match - Case #15253 22673In stock$705.00
SK Ammo - Pistol
SK Pistol MatchIn stock$5.80
SK Pistol Match - CaseOut of stock$560.00
SK Pistol Match SpecialIn stock$6.60
SK Pistol Match Special - CaseIn stock$640.00
SK Ammo - Rifle
SK Magazine - CanIn stock$50.00
SK Magazine - Case In stock$490.00
SK Standard Plus - BoxIn stock$5.10
SK Standard Plus - CaseIn stock$495.00
SK Rifle Match - BoxIn stock$7.15
SK Rifle Match - CaseIn stock$695.00
SK Biathlon Sport - BoxIn stock$7.30
SK Biathlon Sport - CaseIn stock$705.00
SK Rifle Match - Test Lot PackageOut of stock$43.00
SK Standard Plus - Test Lot PackageOut of stock$31.00
BKL Rings
BKL Medium Rings - Matte BlackIn stock$20.00
BKL High Rings - Matte BlackIn stock$22.00
BKL Medium Rings - SilverIn stock$20.00
BKL Medium Rings - Matte Black 30mmIn stock$29.00
BKL Double Strap High Rings - Matte BlackIn stock$38.00
BKL Riser - Matte BlackIn stock$18.00
BKL Riser - SilverIn stock$18.00
Junior Equipment
Kneeling Roll - FilledIn stock$12.00
Kneeling Roll - UnfilledIn stock$10.00
Shooting Sling - Buckle ClosureIn stock$14.00
Shooting Sling - Velcro ClosureIn stock$14.00
Silhouette Accessories
Hardscrabble Mountain Shooting Skirt - MeshIn stock$32.00
Scope Turret WrenchIn stock$15.00
Sale Items
Hardscrabble Mountain Custom Leather Silhouette Vest - Green and BlackIn stock$300.00
Hardscrabble Mountain Custom Leather Silhouette Vest - LodenOut of stock$300.00
Hardscrabble Mountain Custom Leather Silhouette Vest -Gray/MaroonIn stock$300.00
Hardscrabble Mountain Custom Leather Silhouette Vest -GreenIn stock$300.00
WileyX Glasses
Saber Clear LensIn stock$38.00
Saber Yellow LensIn stock$38.00
Saber Grey LensIn stock$38.00
Saber Three LensIn stock$65.00
Guard Three LensIn stock$75.00
PT-1 Three LensIn stock$110.00
PT-3 Three LensIn stock$110.00


Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure.

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