Apr 18th, 2008
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Price list Good Shooting Sales and Service Inc

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Anschutz Rifles
1710 D KLIn stock$2,035.00
1712 Barrelled Action 22LR Out of stock$1,450.00
1712 Silhouette 22LRIn stock$2,095.00
Bullseye MindIn stock$17.95
With Winning in MindIn stock$16.00
Fat Bag Shooting Rests
Fat Bag with Cleavage, FilledIn stock$50.00
Fat Bag with Cleavage, UnfilledIn stock$45.00
Fat Bag, FilledIn stock$45.00
Fat Bag, UnfilledIn stock$40.00
Window Bag, FilledIn stock$40.00
Window Bag, UnfilledIn stock$35.00
Junior Fat Bag, FilledIn stock$25.00
Junior Fat Bag, UnfilledIn stock$20.00
Fat Bag Roll, FilledIn stock$14.00
Fat Bag Roll, UnfilledIn stock$12.00
Kowa Optics
60mm and Eyepieces
Kowa 60mm -In stock$500.00
Kowa 30x Wide Angle Eye PieceIn stock$300.00
Kowa 25x Long Eye Relief Angle Eye PieceIn stock$225.00
Kowa 20-60x Zoom Eye PieceIn stock$350.00
82mm and Eyepieces
Kowa 82mm - AngledIn stock$800.00
Kowa 20-60x Zoom Eye PieceIn stock$350.00
Kowa 30x Wide Angle Eye PieceIn stock$300.00
Kowa 25x Long Eye Relief Angle Eye PieceIn stock$225.00
Kowa 82mm - CaseIn stock$70.00
Lapua Brass
Lapua Brass 223 Rem - 100In stock$51.00
Lapua Brass 260 Rem - 100In stock$90.00
Lapua Brass 308 Win - 100In stock$67.00
Lapua Brass 6.5 Creedmoor - 100In stock$103.00
Lapua Brass 6.5x47 Lapua - 100In stock$100.00
Lapua Brass 6BROut of stock$86.00
Lapua Brass 7mm-08 Rem - 100In stock$90.00
Lapua Bullets
Lapua 6.5(.264)108gr HPBT Bullet Scenar 100/bxOut of stock$41.00
Lapua 6.5(.264)123gr HPBT Bullet Scenar 100/bxOut of stock$41.00
Lapua 6.5(.264)139gr HPBT Bullet Scenar 100/bxIn stock$41.00
Lapua 7mm(.284) 150gr HPBT Bullet Scenar-L 100/bxIn stock$48.00
Lapua 30(.308) 100gr HP Bullet 1000/bxIn stock$260.00
Rimfire Ammunition
Eley Ammunition
Eley Edge, Club, Target, 100, Action
Eley Edge - Box In stock$10.00
Eley Edge - CaseIn stock$970.00
Eley Club - BoxIn stock$6.25
Eley Club - CaseIn stock$610.00
Eley Target - BoxIn stock$5.25
Eley Target - CaseIn stock$515.00
Eley Practice 100 - BoxIn stock$6.70
Eley Action - PackIn stock$32.00
Eley Match Family
Eley Match - CaseIn stock$1,280.00
Eley Match - Test LotsIn stock$52.60
Eley Match Box of 50, 1117-04056 @ 1060In stock$13.15
Eley Match Pistol - BoxIn stock$13.15
Eley Match Pistol - CaseIn stock$1,280.00
Eley OSP - BoxIn stock$13.15
Eley OSP - CaseIn stock$1,280.00
Eley SubSonic and Hunting
Eley Subsonic Hollow Point - BoxIn stock$7.40
Eley Subsonic Hollow Point - CaseIn stock$715.00
Eley Contact Subsonic - Box In stock$7.40
Eley Contact Subsonic - CaseIn stock$715.00
Eley Force HV - Box In stock$7.40
Eley Force HV - CaseIn stock$715.00
Eley HV HP - BoxIn stock$7.40
Eley HV HP - CaseIn stock$715.00
Eley Tenex Family
Eley Tenex - CaseIn stock$1,655.00
Eley Tenex Box of 50, 2167 @ 1058In stock$16.80
Eley Tenex Box of 50, 5179 @ 1068 - In stock$16.80
Eley Tenex Pistol - BoxIn stock$16.80
Eley Tenex Pistol - CaseIn stock$1,655.00
Eley Tenex Biathlon - BoxIn stock$16.80
Eley Tenex Biathlon - CaseIn stock$1,655.00
Lapua Ammunition
Lapua Center-X - 27552-605897In stock$10.30
Lapua Center-X - 27552-605897 (Case)In stock$1,000.00
Lapua Center-X - 27552-606027In stock$10.30
Lapua Center-X - 27552-606027 (Case)Out of stock$1,000.00
Lapua Center-X - 28552-606087In stock$10.30
Lapua Center-X - 28552-606087 (Case)In stock$1,000.00
Lapua Center-X - 29552-611922In stock$10.30
Lapua Center-X - 29552-611922 (Case)Out of stock$1,000.00
Lapua Center-X - Test Lot Package (10)Out of stock$103.00
Lapua Center-X - Test Lot Package (5)Out of stock$52.00
Lapua Midas PlusOut of stock$14.70
Lapua Midas Plus - (Case)Out of stock$1,425.00
Lapua Midas Plus - 30553-600091Out of stock$14.70
Lapua Midas Plus - 30553-600173Out of stock$14.70
Pistol and Biathlon
Lapua Pistol OSP - BoxIn stock$9.60
Lapua Pistol OSP - Case In stock$910.00
Lapua Pistol King - BoxIn stock$9.60
Lapua Pistol King - CaseIn stock$910.00
Lapua Polar Biathlon - BoxIn stock$13.00
RWS Ammunition
RWS Target Rifle - BoxIn stock$6.65
RWS Target Rifle - CaseIn stock$650.00
RWS Rifle Match - BoxIn stock$9.05
RWS Rifle Match - CaseIn stock$880.00
RWS R50In stock$15.40
RWS R50 - CaseIn stock$1,500.00
SK Ammunition
SK Ammo - Flat
SK Flatnose Basic - BoxOut of stock$6.00
SK Flatnose Match - BoxOut of stock$7.30
SK Ammo - Pistol
SK Pistol MatchIn stock$5.80
SK Pistol Match - CaseIn stock$560.00
SK Pistol Match SpecialIn stock$6.60
SK Pistol Match Special - CaseIn stock$640.00
SK Ammo - Rifle
SK Magazine - CanIn stock$50.00
SK Magazine - Case In stock$490.00
SK Standard Plus - BoxIn stock$5.10
SK Standard Plus - CaseIn stock$495.00
SK Rifle Match - BoxIn stock$7.15
SK Rifle Match - CaseIn stock$695.00
SK Biathlon Sport - BoxIn stock$7.30
SK Biathlon Sport - CaseIn stock$705.00
SK Rifle Match - Test Lot PackageOut of stock$43.00
SK Standard Plus - Test Lot PackageIn stock$31.00
BKL Rings
BKL Medium Rings - Matte BlackOut of stock$20.00
BKL High Rings - Matte BlackOut of stock$22.00
BKL Medium Rings - SilverIn stock$20.00
BKL Medium Rings - Matte Black 30mmIn stock$29.00
BKL Double Strap High Rings - Matte BlackIn stock$38.00
BKL Riser - Matte BlackIn stock$18.00
BKL Riser - SilverIn stock$18.00
Junior Equipment
Kneeling Roll - FilledIn stock$12.00
Kneeling Roll - UnfilledIn stock$10.00
Shooting Sling - Buckle ClosureIn stock$14.00
Shooting Sling - Velcro ClosureIn stock$14.00
Silhouette Accessories
Hardscrabble Mountain Shooting Skirt - MeshIn stock$32.00
Scope Turret WrenchIn stock$15.00
Sale Items
WileyX Glasses
Saber Clear LensIn stock$38.00
Saber Yellow LensIn stock$38.00
Saber Grey LensIn stock$38.00
Saber Three LensIn stock$65.00
Guard Three LensIn stock$75.00
PT-1 Three LensIn stock$110.00
PT-3 Three LensIn stock$110.00
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