Apr 18th, 2008
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Edge production benefits from tenex technology and introduces key features like the patented flat nose bullet profile to deliver superb accuracy. - Case (100 boxes)


Universal training cartridge for both rifles and pistols. - Case (100 boxes)


Competition cartridge with high precision and absolute reliablity. - Case (100 boxes)


  A popular cartridge of choice for the club shooter. - Case (100 boxes)


Tenex Pistol features a round nose bullet profile and a specifically developed lubricant to prevent misfeeds.  - Case (100 boxes)


A specially designed cartridge to meet the demanding requirements of competitive pistol shooters. - Case (100 boxes)


An affordable, good quality general purpose cartridge. - Case (100 boxes)


When there is a bit more velocity needed in pistol shooting your choice is Pistol Match Special. 40gr at 1131 fps.


Pistol OSP is a special ammunition for OSP disciplines.


The cartridge which has been developed to maintain it’s great accuracy in cold and windy conditions.


 Ideal for use for all rifle and pistol disciplines. 40grains. Five-hundred loose rounds per carton. - Case (100 boxes)


It is reliable, provides excellent target pictures and gives a smooth shooting experience.


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